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geekierthanyou 6 Aug 2014

I think if you listen to any song eight times in a row, it is undeniably Your Jam. (There is still not an aggro pop-punk cover of this song. Come on, world.)

sleepssundays 27 May 2014

♪ Someday I’ll be living in a big old city And all you’re ever gonna be is mean

dulcetfairy 24 Jul 2015

Scientists say it takes 7 years to shake it off.

ALKAHUNA 9 Jul 2015

For real though, this is a pretty huge chorus.

HereBeAnkles 19 May 2014

This and "Oah" have been competing for "song in my head of the moment" for the past several days.

onnawufei 4 Mar 2012