“Insanely Catchy Song of the Week”

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Insanely Catchy Song of the Week

JoshHelfferich 13 Nov 2014

Because sometimes a bit of mainstream pop really hits the spot.   2

hayleym 14 Mar 2015

I can't resist a throbbing synth...   1

Astromonkey 29 Jul 2015

We never go OUT OF #STYLE - #taylorswift #jampreserves #thisismyjam   1

deejay 15 Aug 2015

I've been on a Taylor kick lately and this is just soooo good.

rikkehenneberg 9 May 2015

tswift says "i been there too a few times" you can almost hear her CACKLE + Mystery Guy swerve off the road

meanchelled 24 Apr 2015