Pale Shelter by Tears For Fears


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but vivacait was first  

One of my guilty pleasures I do have to admit, lol. Growing up in the eighties, Tears for Fears was one of those bands that come to mind. For being as popular as they were, they composed some very sophisticated material. Here's a song from their first album, The Hurting, back in 1983. It was huge in England, but still fairly unknown across the pond, which would change two years later with their second album, Songs From the Big Chair.   5

bakiethesaxon 5 Apr 2015

My favourite from their debut album 'The Hurting'. I was 10 and adored it.It still does the trick 30 years on!   23

abigail.deeks 29 Apr 2013

because of the guitar

Apples1974 27 May 2012

In 1983, I was the 12th person ever to join the TFF Fan Club so it's only fitting that they get a Jam...

JamieOPR 18 Aug 2015

Takes me waaay back.   2

creativewhimsy 15 Jun 2015

Been hearing their stuff on the radio lately, forgot how good some of it was.   10

drunkeneviltwin 15 Mar 2014