Goodbye, Goodbye by Tegan and Sara

“Eeeeeeeee, new karaoke jam! Girl pop FTW Friday. :)”

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Eeeeeeeee, new karaoke jam! Girl pop FTW Friday. :)

leyink 1 Feb 2013

I keep catching myself mouthing/whispering the bridge like a mantra.

MJStarling 11 Jun 2015

I can't live with all these things I would say

volcanojones 9 May 2014

I think this song reminds me most of their old stuff on the new album. It's also the one I get most wrapped up in singing and dancing along to in public.

mayazimmerman 11 Dec 2013

<3 + </3. Sighing, sad synthpop with wonderful vocal melodies. This record is amazing.

sleepssundays 29 Jan 2013

Goodbye, "This is My Jam." It was fun while it lasted. I bid you farewell with this blast of pop perfection. #TIMJ

Cyrusmcplatypus 23 Aug 2015