Bassically by Tei Shi

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This just won the week

gemtriesharder 9 Oct 2014

Random discovery on YouTube. It is good to have decent pop music around again, after about 20 years in the wilderness.

mattorganic 17 Jul 2015

Saw Tei Shi live twice last week. It's just a big hit!

oded 26 May 2015

Big in 2015. Liked her ever since someone on TIMJ jammed Sickasf*ck.   4

arseheart 2 Dec 2014

"Baby I'll behave..." One of the best tracks we heard at the tail end of '14. Look out for @Tei_shi_ in 15! Happy New Year - let's keep dancing!   6

empathytest 1 Jan 2015

I cannot stop listening to this! It's not even playing and I'm hearing it in my mind. I think the MoMA just hooked me for another year.

Trudo 28 Aug 2015