Bassically by Tei Shi

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Saw Tei Shi live twice last week. It's just a big hit!

oded 26 May 2015

Coming back to this again. Total summer earworm.

mrchrisadams 14 Aug 2015

Big in 2015. Liked her ever since someone on TIMJ jammed Sickasf*ck.   4

arseheart 2 Dec 2014

"Baby I'll behave..." One of the best tracks we heard at the tail end of '14. Look out for @Tei_shi_ in 15! Happy New Year - let's keep dancing!   6

empathytest 1 Jan 2015

Perfect little jam to wake up for morning road-tripping.

grayfuse 19 Sep 2015

Random discovery on YouTube. It is good to have decent pop music around again, after about 20 years in the wilderness.

mattorganic 17 Jul 2015