Marquee Moon by Television

“my favorite song of all-time, forever and always. <3”

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my favorite song of all-time, forever and always. <3

ninjalovechild 24 Jul 2015

Peter Capaldi says: "Is it punk? Rock? Jazz? We all arrived at art school dressed as Neil Young. Then punk happened and it was all peroxide hair, earrings and leather trousers." #artschoolguitarsolos   8

thesunneversets 13 Aug 2013

for Sandy B.

brianmullen 17 Apr 2015

It's a Marquee Moon kind of day.   1

loughlin 13 Jun 2015

sounds so good, still so fresh and sharp   2

fredybop 31 Jul 2015

I mooched along to the Glasgow Apollo where my brother was a bouncer. It was pretty empty. The support was shit. Some band called Blondie. During their set, their bassist quit, The lead singer gave up and sat on the stage edge. Only the front of her hair was blonde. Television's bassist stood in. The heckling was merciless and we thought of leaving. Television played clear plastic guitars. They were tremendous. I mean, tremendous. Marquee Moon was spellbinding, hypnotic, trancey-magic and about 20 minutes long. I wanted it to be longer. It's a perfect loop too. When I hear it, I stop and listen all the way through at least once. #sublime   2

daved 8 Jun 2015