Pata Pata by Temi Dollface

“Kinda love everything about this music video.”

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Kinda love everything about this music video.   13

Han 8 Jul 2013

'Pour me a drink and I tell you a lie baby what would you like to hear, that I'm in love with you and all the things you do, you know that wouldn't be sincere'   1

pantalona 20 Jan 2014

From Nigeria! "Pata pata" is a phrase in the Yoruba language which means something like "completely" - as in, "it's over, pata pata." (The song's about putting off ending a relationship to spare the other person's feelings.) Shake away your wahala!

Reve 10 Jul 2013

Some background in this blog post All via @Han <3

kriesse 8 Jul 2013


blueskybleu 27 Jul 2013

kinetic - hypnotic   1

lonepilgrim 13 Aug 2013