Keep in the Dark by Temples

“(to stay out of the light)”

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(to stay out of the light)

linnea 4 Jul 2014

dorothywasright 9 Jul 2013

Going all groovy on yo asses with a bit of contemporary glam rock...   10

AlicejustMay 15 Jul 2014

The purist in us says this is highly derivative and offers nothing new, but our inner pop kid says, forget that, what a stonking glam, psychedelic hybrid this is!   3

steranko 26 Mar 2014

I think I've start to love psychedelic music

maryduff 31 Mar 2015

I've been playing this album on a loop lately . Found out about this band courtesy of one of my fellow jammers a while back - it's discoveries like these that are really going to make me miss this place somethin' fierce.

silvershroud 10 Sep 2015