Keep in the Dark by Temples

“(to stay out of the light)”

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(to stay out of the light)

linnea 4 Jul 2014

Watched Temples in Liverpool on Wednesday night. My favourite new band of 2013..? I think so!

hindle4 17 Oct 2013

I think I've start to love psychedelic music

maryduff 31 Mar 2015

dorothywasright 9 Jul 2013

Going all groovy on yo asses with a bit of contemporary glam rock...   10

AlicejustMay 15 Jul 2014

I've been playing this album on a loop lately . Found out about this band courtesy of one of my fellow jammers a while back - it's discoveries like these that are really going to make me miss this place somethin' fierce.

silvershroud 10 Sep 2015