I'm Callin' by Tennis


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Elegant and surrealist clip   2

McRaul55 5 Dec 2014

One of my favs from the Spring Mix, listen or download the entire playlist over at http://listeningman.tumblr.com

ListeningMan 16 Jun 2015

Tennis is a great little band. Please explore their other albums. If you like this, you'll like their other songs. Seafarer is another great song.   1

naylorecords 29 May 2015

Disarming little tune from a great husband-wife duo that suits my current mood. Not sure where this video content came from, but it's pretty special too. Happy New Year!

countpopula 31 Dec 2014

"Just when I think that you're mine, you start to slip away"

steffsolano_ 30 Apr 2015

Really enjoying the more disco sound Tennis are rocking on Ritual in Repeat...

bighatdino 12 Jan 2015