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Still my favourite song Tennis ever released. DAMN, this is great.

FuzzyProxy 22 Mar 2015


bwrightson 28 Aug 2013

Countdown to End of TIMJ #13: When you devote twenty-odd years to capturing your own listening statistics as I and my brother have done, you learn some weird things. One of the unexpected things I've come to understand is that Denver-based husband & wife duo Tennis is one of my most played and favorite groups of the current decade. Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have released three full-lengths and an EP, all inspired at their roots by '60s girl-group pop (a perennial obsession of mine, another thing I've learned) but taken on interesting different tangents. This song, a contender for my favorite Tennis tune, comes from their 2012 sophomore LP Young & Old. This album was produced—unexpectedly, I thought—by the Black Keys' Patrick Carney. The two bands seem like oil and water but he added a very nifty element that suited Tennis quite well. I've seen Tennis live on half a dozen occasions now and I will always have time for their new music.   1

noyoucmon 22 Aug 2015

i wish it was summer

twumble 6 Mar 2015

New release from Tennis | Quality Stuff

DeanZappy 10 Dec 2011

"Have you confused your power for mine?"

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