Big Decision by That Petrol Emotion

“Just seemed like the one to jam tonight #midweekbop

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Just seemed like the one to jam tonight #midweekbop   12

PartyTearsFew 7 Aug 2013

I heard this again last night and still loved it . . .You'd rather sail the ocean, than make a big decision!!!   17

lindatee 7 Nov 2013

Watched 'Good Vibrations' the other night. This is what some Undertones did next. So good too.   2

JAM_ChrisM 12 Mar 2015

Bonus "Swamp". I can't even tell you what this evokes, not while typing with my thumbs on a bus, anyway.   1

batmasterson 26 Aug 2015


erwblo 25 Feb 2012

#Friday #Best80sBands #80sJamsWeek (or so I'm told)   2

Gummi 10 May 2013