Picture You by The Amazing

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Couldn't find Winter Dress or Broken, so went for the third best song on the album.

nickjonezy 22 Feb 2015

New track from upcoming album by progressive psych Swedes. A song of two halves for sure.   4

leslieplatt59 10 Nov 2014

My new jam is "Picture You" by The Amazing. #guitarmagic

pierrepont 5 Mar 2015

Hadn't ever heard of them before, but quite enjoying this album.

JeffSteed 1 Mar 2015

The Amazing is a Swedish band whose members include Reine Fiske, who plays with Dungen, and Christoffer Gunrup, who played in Granada and with Anna Järvinen. Fredrik Swahn, Alexis Benson, and drummer Moussa Fadera are also in The Amazing. Their fourth album, Picture You, was released on February 17, 2015.

spaceburglar 12 Apr 2015

I heard this one on a local college radio station not too long ago, only they played (obviously enough) a radio edit that treated the first half as a song all on its own. I can definitely see the logic in that, as the second half can pass off as a full-fledged track of its own as well. While the more song-oriented first half highlights some beautiful production work, especially on the vocals, the track decides to slow down a bit before "recharging its batteries", so to speak, and plunging head-first into a swirl of chiming guitars and hazy keyboard work that seems to hang in mid-air.   1

Enish 12 Jun 2015