Through the Flower by The Aristocrats

“Coming from the German “durch die Blume” is the title of the last song to appear on the Aristocrats’ latest LP. As with the previous two albums from the talented trio, Tres Caballeros is, as a whole, a creative and energetic romp that delivers masterful musicianship with heaps of audio debauchery and silliness. What makes this album different, however, is that there is a much more prominent presence of sensitivity and warmth on here than before, namely on this track as well as “Pressure Relief” (penned solely by drummer Marco Minnemann). Although the phrase in the title represents someone saying something unsavory, but in a pleasant way, the song seems to represent more of the latter than the former: in saying something cruel through such means lies the possibility of guilt and the desire to reconcile, an example of coming to terms with one’s emotions and true nature. It’s tracks like this that serve as proof of the band’s constant artistic evolution.”

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by Enish in Aug 2015.