Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches

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TheMichaelMoran 16 Mar 2014

For comparison, here is the final version of the song from the last two days. I'm using the awesome video, which is one of my favorite videos of all time.

Mercurywaxing 7 Jul 2015

Uh-oh.. ! (sound of horse galloping) :)

purplesunset54 11 Sep 2015

As a bit of light-hearted banter I said of a friend "The boy needs therapy." He then sent me this.

bootleian 24 Sep 2015


MaxRocks 20 Aug 2012

Sometimes a band needs to just have some fun with a song. This somewhat elusive track features samples from a number of different albums that the group came across and has some of the best scratching that you'll hear in a modern day track. #TheAvalanches

barneyfett 6 Jul 2015