Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles

“Having a late night / early morning nostalgia fit.. #thisismyjam #finaljams #music #thebangles #80s

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but surelyshine was first  

Having a late night / early morning nostalgia fit.. #thisismyjam #finaljams #music #thebangles #80s

evahopkins 26 Sep 2015

Who doesn't love The Bangles? Who doesn't love The Bangles covering Simon & Garfunkel? Not I.   1

HombreCoconut 14 Dec 2013

Feeling a little nostalgic this week. Here's a great female band from the 80's.

jmanders2013 14 Jun 2015

And so British Summer Time ends   3

simonp 28 Oct 2012

For the young fellow temping in our office who asked us who the Bangles were.   1

Owlsoup 6 Jun 2014

More of our wintery mix today: "Hazy Shade of Winter" by the Bangles, live at SXSW!

HackleySchool 4 Feb 2015