Back In The U.S.S.R. by The Beatles

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This is a great song to coincide with their anniversary on the Ed Sullivan Show and the Winter Olympics. Love the introduction.   3

gingrich1 10 Feb 2014

The White Album's opening track is a tour-de-force from Paul. He wrote it, sung lead vocals, played piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, AND most of the drums!!!! Poor old Ringo had walked out and gone on holiday for 2 weeks, after having had a row with Paul. The song got the band into more trouble with conservatives in the US, who accused them of supporting communism!!! The reverse was, it made them even more popular in the USSR, where fans still had to listen to most Western "pop music" on smuggled in tapes!! The main influences for the song came from Chuck Berry and of course the Beach Boys "California Girls".   7

Beatlemaniacs 14 Jun 2015

Because I'm just back from the USSR (well, Russia anyway)

ibemarkwilliams 6 Jul 2015