Come Together by The Beatles

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This is my morning Jam - 29.08.12

ruthgaughan 29 Aug 2012

The song's history began when Lennon was inspired by Timothy Leary's campaign for governor of California against Ronald Reagan, which promptly ended when Leary was sent to prison for possession of marijuana. The thing was created in the studio. It's gobbledygook; Come Together was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and tried, but I couldn't come up with one. But I came up with this, Come Together, which would've been no good to him - you couldn't have a campaign song like that, right? —John Lennon, All We Are Saying, David Sheff Can't let this end without playing one of my top five Beatle songs.It doesn't matter to me if it is gobbledygook (as Lennon said) I just love the way the song sounds by the Beatles.I have heard many of the covers but I haven't heard one yet that I like.Of course thats just imho.   3

zodat 8 Sep 2015

hold you in his armchair, you can feel his disease.   10

zodat 27 May 2014

Love this one   13

taynagainsbourg 30 Mar 2013

Written by: Lennon-McCartney Recorded: 21-23, 25, 29, 30 July 1969 Producer: George Martin Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonald Released: 26 September 1969 (UK), 1 October 1969 (US) "It was a funky record - it's one of my favorite Beatle tracks, or, one of my favourite Lennon tracks, let's say that. It's funky, it's bluesy, and I'm singing it pretty well. I like the sound of the record. You can dance to it. I'd buy it!" John Lennon   9

Beatlemaniacs 27 Aug 2014

I would certainly be remiss if I didn't include The Beatles in my Jam Time Capsule doing the #1 song in my Desert Isle 100 list compiled 5 years ago, before all the commotion started.... I'm giving Nusiki a shot at as Bullfrogjams..... I'm also ramblin' to: and Hopefully, I'll know which is best by the end of the month........ Hope to see you somewhere....

bullfrog 3 Sep 2015