Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles


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I donĀ“t know if it is too predictable, but I was thinking about #namejams to join @thisismymistake and this one would win over every other candidate, also, I study violin and HAVE TO LEARN THIS AS A NEW GOAL IN MY LIFE... so this is my jam.   34

natyblooming 22 Aug 2013

Simply a classic.

saleh_nassar 7 Jun 2015

Revolver is my jam, bro.

jordanroach94 30 Apr 2015

Album: Revolver (1966) Lovin' it right now.   12

Andy93 21 Feb 2013

Number three in my Beatles jams and this is fun.One of my favorites,ahh, who am I kidding they're all my favorites.   5

zodat 23 Aug 2015

"wearing her face that she keeps in a jar by the door" great song!!

clintrosencran 22 Nov 2014