For No One by The Beatles

“Solo Paul McCartney around 1983-1984, I think. Enjoy!”

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Solo Paul McCartney around 1983-1984, I think. Enjoy!   4

Zergonoid 7 Apr 2015

one of my 5 favorite love songs. (Bob dylan excluded, of course)

dylandrygin 19 Jul 2014

"The day breaks, your mind aches..."

TonySimsNovis 28 Nov 2014

this isn't the ENTIRE reason i got a french horn. honest. it's, er, trickier than i thought.   4

MelissaReardon 1 Feb 2012

Actually just Paul with a bit of Ringo and some beautiful French horn from Alan Civil.   9

pez 19 Jun 2013

"I was in Switzerland on my first skiing holiday. I'd done a bit of skiing in Help! and quite liked it, so I went back and ended up in a little bathroom in a Swiss chalet writing For No One. I remember the descending bassline trick that it's based on, and I remember the character in the song - the girl putting on her make-up. Occasionally we'd have an idea for some new kind of instrumentation, particularly for solos... On For No One I was interested in the French horn, because it was an instrument I'd always loved from when I was a kid. It's a beautiful sound, so I went to George Martin and said, 'How can we go about this?' And he said, 'Well, let me get the very finest." Paul McCartney   17

Beatlemaniacs 20 May 2015