Hapiness is a warm gun by The Beatles

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‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun' by #TheBeatles   6

sabes 20 Apr 2015

I heard this site is closing ?? In that sad eventuality I thought i'd sneak in an amazing song from the best band ever!   1

weallshineon 19 Aug 2015

Guns? Sex? Drugs? We are not trying to interpret it, 1. no one could and 2. It looses a lot while trying to intellectualize it (like all art) but we agree with John Kelly, the photographer who shot portraits of the Beatles says that Paul told him "listen to this, it´s the best thing I´ve ever heard".   6

Beatlemaniacs 17 Sep 2014

When I hold you in my arms, and I feel my finger on your trigger, I know no one can do me no harm.   1

mo_nextdoor 15 Jan 2015

I've been binging the Beatles discography lately. I had forgotten about some of the charms contained within.   20

Section42L 19 Oct 2013

Bang bang, Shoot shoot ! #60s   2

robz 6 Feb 2015