Help! by The Beatles

“Sometimes it's best to just go with a classic.”

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Sometimes it's best to just go with a classic.

MrUmlaut 14 May 2012

This song crept its way into my mind a few days ago, and it hasn't left yet... Some Beatles for Thursday.   2

metallicagirl 6 Nov 2014

I've been away awhile fellow jammers but a couple of surgeries and a lot of recuperating later,I'm back.Thought I would come back with my favorite band and always a great jam,Help! Missed ya'll.   24

zodat 20 Aug 2014

I'm breaking up the Christmas craziness for the Beatles. It's the Beatles! Christmas will be back next week.

matthewparadiso 16 Dec 2014

'Help me if you can, I'm feeling down And I do appreciate you being round'

celso 29 May 2015

This never sounds old.   1

stephenwells56 22 Sep 2012