Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles


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but hoochie-coochie was first  

George wrote the best songs.

wookieshan 8 Jul 2015

Today’s the 45th anniversary of the release of Abbey Road, the last album to be recorded by The Beatles. It was released in 1969. And it's nice and sunny, so here goes today's jam...

perthcollegeuhi 26 Sep 2014

We were both so surprised when we realised we had not posted this beauty before!!! One of two songs George wrote for "Abbey Road". It features George on vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium and Moog synthesiser. Paul on bass and backing vocals, Ringo on drums and session musicians on cellos, violas, double bass, flutes, piccolos and clarinets. John is not featured at all, as he was recovering from a car accident when the main recording took place.   6

Beatlemaniacs 12 Apr 2015

Hey Guys!!!!!!! Paul and I have not had a chance to listen to #weddingweek but we see there are a lot!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new profile pic and in the background the wedding cake... lots of love to you all <3   78

natyblooming 26 Jul 2014

Everything is going to be alright.   3

abigail.deeks 3 Aug 2015

Always the optimist 🌞   1

mrc 15 Jun 2015