Hey Bulldog by The Beatles

“Comparatively throwaway fluff, but still better than most bands' best efforts....”

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Comparatively throwaway fluff, but still better than most bands' best efforts....

thomasoshea 8 Jun 2012

Well...a couple more to post before the final curtain. This one from my all time favorite group. Jam has it all...George's rockin' SG, Paul's thumpin' Ric bass.... John's piano and killer vocals ( oh...and sideburns!)...and Ringo's straight forward punchy beat and snare! And the frickin' lyrics! Up next and last jam...one from my all-time favorite album. #Longlivethejams #ThanksTIMJ   3

drumnbass 21 Aug 2015

#dogweek Dedicated to "POKER FACE", the Prince of dogs....so come on up, @BladeRunner, to collect his 'golden bone' award......   55

debutch 20 Oct 2014

One of my favourite Beatles songs. Initially a throwaway, I'm glad they let the cartoon movie use the song, and that it's been getting its due recently. The piano line makes the song, in my mind.

riffedguitarist 22 Aug 2014

It's National Puppy Day! Consider opening your heart and home to a dog in need from your local Humane Society/rescue.

chrystacherrie 23 Mar 2015

Some kind of solitude is measured out in you You think you know me but you haven’t got a clue

snapyerfingers 8 Jul 2012