I Want You (She's So Heavy) by The Beatles

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Beatles best song!

lauraquinteroa 8 Jul 2015

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terence 16 Feb 2014

The last-recordings from our heroes, gave us the magnificent "Abbey Road" album, released this week in 1969. This nearly 8 minute song, was the closing track on side one of the original album. Written by John about his love for Yoko, it has a long closing section with George and John's multi-tracked guitars repeating the same chord pattern. John also plays Moog Synthesizer for the "white noise" effects. It also features Billy Preston on Hammond Organ. We haven't counted them, but we're reliably informed, that there is only 14 different words used in the lyrics!!   8

Beatlemaniacs 28 Sep 2014

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mkhajdin 24 Apr 2015

Love love love this. A classic, seductive song from The Beatles. Enjoy!

Kralka 15 Aug 2015

Up to #42 in my all time album list and it's the Fab Four with Abbey Road. Got to squeeze in a few more from my list before the final #TIMJ #LastJams run-down!   1

obadiah99 25 Aug 2015