In My Life by The Beatles


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I guess if I had to pick my favorite Beatle song,this would be it. So,I have to go away for a couple of weeks,so I guess this will be it for me.Thanks for all the great jams and the friends I have made on TIMJ.I will miss you. and so,I leave you with this wonderful song by the best band ever.   15

zodat 14 Sep 2015

Okay I've chosen two jams, one for today and one last one for tomorrow. I couldn't say goodbye to TIMJ without the Beatles..   3

twirlingteacups 24 Sep 2015

Always loved this song.

sunnybear1962 10 Aug 2015

♥There are places I'll remember♥ All my life, though some have changed♥ Some forever, not for better♥ Some have gone and some remain♥ All these places have their moments♥ With lovers and friends I still can recall♥ Some are dead and some are living♥ In my life, I've loved them all♥In my life, I've loved them all♥   8

J_Dub 30 Apr 2014

i was thinking about this song today i thought i would post it   1

guitarman 11 Jul 2014

Thank you for the music, artists discovered, community spirit, laughs, friends (many of you will remain so always!),to my dear Bro @mikelowe for being my other half in @Beatlemaniacs, for all the jammers support to @MVD and of most of all for bringing me and my husband @Brownpants together. I am on twitter, Tumblr, Spotify and hopefully will be in touch!  also  Leave you with this one as I am not fond of goodbyes! Love, best wishes and eternal gratitude to you all!!!!!!!   76

natyblooming 10 Aug 2015