Revolution by The Beatles

“You say you got a real solution. Well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan.”

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You say you got a real solution. Well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan.   1

mahen 17 Feb 2014

Songs that used to creep you the hell out as a kid! Number 9 Number 9 Number 9

bergelin0712 14 Jul 2015

Sadly much underrated.

OncleRRRouliane 18 Aug 2015

You tell me it's the institution. Well, you know, you better free you mind instead!   5

roydesmet 9 Feb 2014

One of the best from the very best of the best.   10

kompani101 23 Sep 2015

"Revolution" was The Beatles statement on what they were seeing at the time. Written by Lennon and credited to Lennon - McCartney. I wanted to put out what I felt about revolution. I thought it was time we fucking spoke about it, the same as I thought it was about time we stopped not answering about the Vietnamese war when we were on tour with Brian Epstein and had to tell him, 'We're going to talk about the war this time, and we're not going to just waffle.' I wanted to say what I thought about revolution. I had been thinking about it up in the hills in India. I still had this 'God will save us' feeling about it, that it's going to be all right. That's why I did it: I wanted to talk, I wanted to say my piece about revolution. I wanted to tell you, or whoever listens, to communicate, to say 'What do you say? This is what I say.' John Lennon   2

Beatlemaniacs 22 Apr 2015