Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles


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terence 20 Mar 2015

Gutted that ThisIsMyJam is shutting up shop, for new jams at least, from September. Still, they're going to create archives for users, so I feel the need to cram the remaining time with as many jams as possible, rather than my usual one per week... also time to abandon my plan for 2015 jams being more obscure, and just jam whatever the heck I like. So here goes, starting with the ultimate band...

pip 11 Aug 2015

After visiting The Dakota and Strawberry Fields memorial last Saturday, this jam is definitely in order.   1

sevin 8 Oct 2012

It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me.

vanilla30606 19 Mar 2015

The only song that could be my #finaljam. Strawberry Fields is at the core of everything that I think or feel about music. My dad is a huge Beatles fan and Beatles records were my first exposure to music and all I listened to until I was old enough to start finding stuff on my own. This is the first song I really loved, before I was old enough to know what that meant. Strawberry Fields Forever and ever and ever. Thank you so much, Jammers, for the music and the friendship. Love to you all, hope to see you around. xoxo #longliveTIMJ   10

jenmaselli 25 Sep 2015

Happy 65th Birthday Daddy! :) x x x   8

abigail.deeks 16 Jan 2013