Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles


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but pietepiet was first  

A Beatles rarity. This version was released in error on early copies of Revolver. Not drastically different, Johns vocal is pushed forward slightly more and the outro is fractionally longer. Still magnificent   1

AndyMack 29 Aug 2015

Jam 300! Thank you all for listening to my jams and all the jam love, and thank you for all YOUR wonderful jams x   54

MsSue 2 Jul 2013

Old, but still so very good <3

pietepiet 8 Dec 2011

So on to my favourite song by the Beatles (unless it's one of the other ones). This is a #DadMumJam as both were hugh fans and I grew up under the influence of their fab sound.   3

PartyTearsFew 5 Sep 2015

It's a psychedelic Wednesday!   15

terence 29 May 2013

This cartoonish version from The Beatles TV show perhaps best shows the psychedelic meaning of this "backwards" song Hope this brings back some memories

sambavaom 21 May 2015