You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles


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I was going to post Eddie Vedder singing this, because I'm very fond of him. Only, this is one of my favourite ever songs, and no one covers a Beatles song better than the originals imo (which is not always true of Mr. Bob Dylan). Anyway, a perfect song.   2

loboska 20 Jan 2015

I've taught myself to play this one on the ukulele.   1

welfy 2 Jul 2015

We seem to have got down to #55 in my all time top albums chart. It's the fab four with "Help!". Only 50 years have passed since it came out. I remember (at primary school) some girls writing down the lyrics of the title track of this album and I wondered why on earth they were doing it. I think I know now.   6

obadiah99 16 Jul 2015

Quite simply one of the most beautiful songs ever written #Hey #Lennon #Lyrics #Tambourine #Help   24

BertrandRustles 1 Apr 2014

Another great song from "Help" Lennon wrote the song at home during what he called his "Dylan period", wanting another song for the film Help!. The song "is just basically John doing Dylan", Paul McCartney confirmed.   6

zodat 15 Dec 2014

I believe this is one of the most perfect songs ever produced. Jamming favourites #TillTheWheelsFallOff   6

BertrandRustles 16 Sep 2015