Young Men Dead by The Black Angels

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but KBro was first  

loving True Detective - hearing this track on it makes it even better!   1

joshuawfarrell 28 Jan 2014

I was hooked at that moment. Since last friday night, count me among the True Detective addicts!   13

MyBlueElephant 17 Aug 2014

From the soundtrack of the brilliant True Detective

davidsanderson 10 Feb 2015

Been listening to the album this is from a lot lately and it's a good track.

ek6891 8 Jun 2015

Well if the 1st episode of true detective is anything to go by then i might be jamming many songs from the soundtrack! Amazing!   5

Oldy86 26 Apr 2014

#TexasTuesday   2

nialbriody 31 Mar 2015