What can I do by The Black Belles

“Yay, just found out about these girls today. Cool :)”

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Yay, just found out about these girls today. Cool :)

rodrigodaud 12 Dec 2011

Garage rock this week -- The Black Belles, produced by Jack White. Stuck in my head because of Donna.

Dazzle 18 Feb 2013

The 'all girl' band streak reaches 40 on this Weird-Ass Wednesday...aka New Years Eve 2014! The Jack White produced, The Black Belles, help give us the necessary wigginess this fine day! Hope some enjoy this garage goth band. Take care out and about tonight and peace out to all...   3

capnhollis 31 Dec 2014

they looks like a girl gang out of some Japanese pinku movie from the 60's.   1

hyapiko 28 Aug 2012

What can I do to make you realize that I really want you here today?

ocean_eyes 29 Nov 2012

Get through the art school opening and it's a pretty good foot tapper

jlimke 14 Nov 2013