Let's go out tonight by The Blue Nile

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HeyRusty 16 Sep 2014

I know a place where everything's alright.   2

OnlySimonLucas 14 Apr 2013

Paul Buchanan- One of the most emotive, pared back voices in music ..take a listen to his new album; stunning.

irsmith99 25 May 2012

"I know a place where everything's alright..."

KSturton 9 Jan 2014

The Blue Nile is the most hard-core sadness music can deliver. Once I became older and gained sad memories, went to funerals, witnessed break-ups and life wrecks, and after huddling once too often against icy-cold winds and stinging rain with a broken heart myself, I "get" The Blue Nile like I wish I didn't.   12

daved 25 Mar 2014

Sometimes only The Blue Nile will do.

MylesC 23 Jun 2015