Tinseltown in the Rain by The Blue Nile

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I put on a Father's Day songs list on Songza yesterday (I think it was called Anglo-Fidelity or something like that), and this was the first song it cued up. I have never heard it, nor have I ever heard of The Blue Nile before, but I really enjoyed the tune.   7

kfarrnd 16 Jun 2014

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DavidAnderson 17 Sep 2014

Time for leaving the parade.

wesbot 28 Apr 2015

Do I love you? Yes I love you   11

TomSchneitter 11 Dec 2013

Thanks to @lindatee & @leejohnson for pointing out that previous version did not play.   11

merchiston2 1 Oct 2014

I know. Old. But. I'm melting all over again. Good night.

SoundscapeM 24 Mar 2015