TheMichaelMoran’s jam on 23 Feb ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“No chatter from me. Just turn it up LOUD.”

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No chatter from me. Just turn it up LOUD.

TheMichaelMoran 15 Jul 2012

Luv this - fear tha' funk!! Bought this 7" in Leeds when I was on tour with Article 58 supporting Josef K,.. still sounds spunky   3

creepingbent 26 Sep 2013

Video is rubbish, looks like it was filmed from an old VHS video and doesn't sync properly with the song, just ignore it, turn it up and listen to a great, great song

andybasire 30 May 2015

Think all Jazz/Funk is anodyne lift music? Think again...   2

andybasire 31 Dec 2012

Just a classic .

lestranter1 5 Feb 2013

Le groove rien que le groove !!! La vache que c'est bon !!!

Florym 26 Mar 2012