My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars

“Brilliant track! A hint of Queen in the harmonies.”

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Brilliant track! A hint of Queen in the harmonies.   5

timmydidge 12 Feb 2014

A bit of a departure from my usual fare, but I was in a rather cool little bar yesterday playing retro games and this song came on, I hadn't heard it for aaaages. :-) Could only jam this version though, it doesn't sound quite right to me...   7

melissapulo 26 May 2015

It's fall and everyone's always dancing down the street with their suede blue eyes...   1

sisterj 25 Sep 2012

Elektra UK, 1978

tedwilkinson 5 Jun 2014

I think I first heard this song on a 90s tv programme that had music videos to old tracks. Or did I dream it?

woodyellen 20 Dec 2013

#18 in my CD collection. From Complete greatest hits.

rexter42 30 Jun 2012