Loops of Fury by The Chemical Brothers

Bamblesquatch’s jam on 4 Jan ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“In memoriam of Psygnosis (1984-2012)”

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In memoriam of Psygnosis (1984-2012)

Bamblesquatch 10 Sep 2012

I know it's kind of an oldie, but man! That Wipeout 2097 album still kicks my ass.   2

evahopkins 12 Jul 2012

Still looping. Still furious. 1996 represent.

tomwhoscontrary 20 Feb 2015

Absolutely cannot stop listening to this right now.

bensonmic 9 Dec 2011

Somehow, it all came together for Wipeout 2097.

TriffidFarm 6 Jul 2012

I bought and really liked this single when it came out, then I promptly lost it. Great story, Ewan.   6

Ewan_M 17 May 2012