Pink Frost by The Chills

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Haunting   2

henpe 20 Dec 2013

TragicBeauty is transcendent splendor and unimaginable horror colliding... like in this (accidental?) death (murder?), shrouded in a lush, wash of mist, fog and vague remembrances. One those amazing first singles from a band who (to my knowledge) never came close again.   10

TragicBeauty 29 Jan 2015

Wanted to choose another Chills track. Couldn't. Sublime.

schmindiekid 6 Jan 2012

This Song> riding a unicorn   4

bombasticky 20 Feb 2013

Tonight, on Songs That Are Well Pretty But Also A Bit Fucked Up:

Schwein 6 Aug 2015

Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 575. [from album: Kaleidoscope World] [year: 1986]

RW104 20 Mar 2015