Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars

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Suddenly this song makes much more sense now. One of a select few that I'll probably never get tired of hearing. Or keeping as my jam lelz

windsofthewood 28 Apr 2015

The Civil Wars, officially done now. Will be missed.

gw371015 6 Aug 2014

Yes. Re-jamming this unfathomable piece of art.

windsofthewood 4 Mar 2014

Magical song, with a sad truth

stephaniecarr 19 Sep 2014

As this year comes to an end my body is celebrating with some of the best friends a person could ask for, but my mind is on the new year ahead, and its possibilities.   1

CelticSapper 31 Dec 2013

Her voice,the drum,the U2-ish arrangement...sucks me in...the new-Cd is great!   1

zappaconcrete 20 Sep 2013