Complete Control by The Clash

“Starting the week with The Clash.”

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Starting the week with The Clash.   5

metallicagirl 9 Mar 2015

One of my many Clash faves. What's one of yours?   1

heinrichkilgore 16 Aug 2014

Bought this the day it came out - 37 years ago today. Blimey...   1

adrianlong61 23 Sep 2014

What a record. The only band I ever really wanted to be in.   6

BertrandRustles 12 Dec 2014

It turns out that it's physically impossible for me to jam a song called "Complete Surrender" without then following it with "Complete Control".   2

thesunneversets 3 Apr 2014

#MisheardLyrics #SillySaturday   22

MsSue 31 Aug 2013