Know Your Rights by The Clash

hughmcguire’s jam on 28 May ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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"You have the right to free long as you're not Dumb enough to actually try it"

davidcard 17 Jul 2015

Just feeling cranky about my crappy so called democracy, so Clash says it all - know your rights, and fight for them:)

lesakramer5 20 Mar 2015

#casseroles #loi78

hughmcguire 28 May 2012

#ElectionJam A short series of musical accompaniments to the UK GE2015. Listening is not an endorsement. Some are tenuous at best. Number #9. Conscious Punk, Rebel Rock, Know Your Rights People! "This is a public service announcement...with guitar!"   5

adrian4acn 29 Apr 2015

This is a public service announcement... with guitars.

mikesten 12 Oct 2011

This is the song that first sold me on The Clash.

MrPope 10 Jun 2015