London Calling by The Clash

“The Clash were so good I hesitate to call them "punk."”

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The Clash were so good I hesitate to call them "punk."

ianenos03 21 Sep 2014

This was playing as I finished the Pru RideLondon in August 2015. No better soundtrack to pelting up The Mall towards Buck House.

gilesdring 16 Aug 2015

From one of my all time favorite albums.   7

gingrich1 14 Apr 2014

This was difficult. Likely my last jam. More U2 (Zooropa)? Bowie? Had to go Clash. Which one? I love so many but I think this has always been my favourite. And if it is the last, thanks to all who share and all who listen!   3

LarryLootsteen 24 Aug 2015

for @monisaurus

wastetalent 5 Dec 2011

At number 49.....London is indeed calling...I am heading in for a full day of chemo tomorrow....staying over night with my daughter Hannah.....happy new year wish is to live the year well and see 2016.... Bit of a stretch but you gotta try! X   17

njparry 29 Dec 2014