Police On My Back by The Clash

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but terraces was first  

A little something for #CrimeWeek. Genuinely looking forward to #DutchPaintersWeek, #EdibleClothingWeek and #AmphibiousLandingCraftWeek

twistymellorman 1 Aug 2014

The Solution #mathsweek ... turns out I could have just googled "unintentionally mathematical songs" http://www.isg.rhul.ac.uk/~sdg/mathsongs.html and come up with a selection of fine tunes from that... oh well, i hope we've all learned something this week   2

bignonioides 4 Oct 2014

Famously covered by The Clash but the original's pretty great too...   4

newley 24 Mar 2015

Amazing!!   8

onelovepictures 11 May 2014

seems appropriate

sarahljaffe 22 Dec 2014

The sound of 1967...I can't believe it, we're getting down to the wire. #ThanksTIMJ #LongLiveTheJams. I'm the same name on God's Jukebox, Nusiki and Let's Loop for those of you who are interested.   6

sisterj 18 Sep 2015