Safe European Home by The Clash


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Don't wanna go back there again....

Skylarkingmatt 20 Nov 2014

Visceral vitality, sinewy strength and intemperate ideology combine to let you know that it's not safe.   16

Bukowski 1 Sep 2014

well, i just got back an' i wish i never leave now . . . I 've always loved the Clash so I need to squeeze this into #PunkWeek - while I'm pondering whether I'm gonna be funky enough for Friday .. .   82

lindatee 26 Sep 2013

It's impossible to find words to describe what The Clash mean to me. #TillTheWheelsFallOff #LongLiveTheJams   13

BertrandRustles 20 Sep 2015

The opener to (in my opinion) the best Clash album.

SourceDeliPaul 24 Jun 2015

Up beat old-school punk rock.

quemadodelado 2 Sep 2014