Considering a Move to Memphis by The Colorblind James Experience

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#sillysaturday .... it all goes downhill from here!

HawklordElf 5 Oct 2013

It worked for Elvis Presley, why can't it work for me?   2

StillHonest1 27 Dec 2014

TIMJam is a handy way to exorcise/spread my earworms.

echtburge 31 Jan 2014

Heard this for the first time yesterday when Mark Radcliffe played it on 6 Music. It's an utter joy.   2

DJDarren 16 Apr 2014

It worked for Elvis Presley...

hoopshooley 24 Apr 2014

One of those songs that completely baffles me. I simply cannot work out what the genius of this song is. But it is borne of genius. Quality. (Hi Gabby!)

attacksquid 22 Aug 2013