Do you love me ? by The Contours

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but dgcarrie was first  

This song it should have been played by The Temptations, but eventually The Contours did it.

simon80 6 May 2013

I'm doing the Hully Gully to this!   2

queenofcups 6 Sep 2012

Always loved this song. Whether its by itself, or in Dirty Dancing, or in Tiny Toon Adventures (as in this video here). Gets ya movin', ya know?   1

screamgal14 7 Aug 2014

Good music!   1

jocy62 21 Jun 2015

A Past Blast ! ! !

anthonybabecka 17 Jun 2015

It's the 1st of August 2014, after all! #Croatoan   1

PlugInKathi 1 Aug 2014