gizzkitty’s jam on 20 Apr ’14 and then once after that (See all)

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but JamesMayes was first  

my weekend earworm   2

RobertPickles 12 Jun 2015

The pace, the bass. Something just grabs with this, always has.

JamesMayes 19 Jan 2012

old but definitely gold   2

ipekblue 21 Dec 2014

With their tanks and their bombs/And their bombs and their guns/In your head/In your head they are crying

monkeh 11 Sep 2015

I had a dream with this song in it and now it's stuck in my head in real life. Not that I'm complaining — it's a good song.   2

alexheadrick 18 Jul 2014

Good bye @ThisIsMyJam. It was fun using you and your end is disappointing but was the right decision. I'm glad I got to keep my profile history and I will be back.

Elijarodgers 23 Sep 2015