Close to Me by The Cure

“One u don't hear that often”

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One u don't hear that often   1

mrc 14 Apr 2015

Great mix of vocals and a very unique score on this Cure classic. And the video concept is pretty much a stand- alone.

topherdee 17 Apr 2015

So long, fellow Jammers! See you around TIMJ's successor sites. :) #FinalJam   3

james.hirsh 25 Sep 2015

Came up in conversation the other day. Haven't listened to it in a long time - it's still great. Couldn't jam the video. Shame. It's cool.   8

bekki.bemrose 6 Jun 2013

I wanted to post ''Cut Here'' but there were no results, I can't change the photo for this one either, enjoy!   6

carolinedorgan 11 Apr 2013

#ABCsOfMe C: I first heard this song on the my mom's favorite radio station ("playing the best of the 60's, 70's and today") while being driven to elementary school. Some years later, I had to reconcile hearing it in that context with The Cure's goth image. It's still a bit odd to me.

daftmonk 28 Jan 2015