Calamity Song by The Decemberists


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but nzben was first  

Fingers crossed we're all alive and well tomorrow....   3

MsSue 20 Dec 2012

The peppiest pop song about the end of the world. @TheDecemberists "Calamity Song"   1

ironsoap 6 Oct 2014

I heard David Remnick say today that we should remember that Russian can reduce us to radioactive dust any time they want. And yes . and things get steadily scarier every day, tiny dusty bit by dusty bit.

mygothlaundry 6 Aug 2014

Continuing on with another favorite song from '11.   2

musicgeek 14 Dec 2011

I am aware that my current Infinite Jest obsession is doing everyone's head in, but this is pretty a pretty darn perfect tribute to Interdependence Day Y.D.A.U. Also, I really want to play Eschaton.

CMQueen 5 Oct 2013

Listening to @Han talk design, and rediscovering This is My Jam. Evidently my last jam was in 2012. Whut.

quepol 6 Aug 2015