The Rake's Song by The Decemberists

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Expect you think that I should be haunted But it never really bothers me

brian_kenney 23 Jan 2015

The Decemberists were awesome in Brixton on Saturday night - whether or not the recorded output is to your taste, Colin Meloy is an incredible frontman (still laughing at his anecdotes of the liquorice-mongers of Brixton). The following night I had to explain The Decemberists at a party where no one had heard of them, and I fear they may have been a bit horrified...   1

thesunneversets 23 Feb 2015

Safe to say that I'd like The Decemberists about 2,000X more if all of their songs sounded like this one....   4

KBro 30 Apr 2014

If you only listen to one song about infanticide today...

robertd1981 20 Jul 2014

Halloween #4   7

staticstudios 7 Oct 2012

This song is extremely disturbing. A fine, fine piece of gothic wrapped up in crunchy pop rock.   1

gengelcox 24 Nov 2011